Have You Considered Premarital Counseling to Build a Strong and Happy Marriage?

Have You Considered Premarital Counseling to Build a Strong and Happy Marriage?

By Elizabeth Hortua

Couples often wonder if their marriage may be in trouble if they feel the need to speak to a counselor.  However, it is often the opposite.  We, at Westlake Village Therapists, feel that couples who are willing to engage in Pre-Marital Counseling can develop tools and communication skills which can lead to a much stronger, healthier and happier marriage.  

Prepare & Enrich is an excellent program, which can help couples begin this process.  It is a proven tool, scientifically developed to help couples stimulate open and honest dialogue about important topics including finances, role expectations, family of origin and family life. 

By participating in Prepare & Enrich, couples can:

  1. Identify strengths as a couple and build new ones
  2. Strengthen communication skills
  3. Uncover stressful areas and resolve conflicts
  4. Explore families of origin
  5. Comfortably discuss financial issues
  6. Establish personal, couple and family goals
  7. Understand and appreciate personality differences

Participating in Prepare & Enrich can be relaxed and fun!  Couples take a brief survey independently of each other, which is scored on the computer.  Then, couples meet with a therapist to go over the results and practice positive communication skills.  This is an excellent tool to use in preparing to build one of your most important relationships.  This program will inspire a deeper, healthier relationship over years to come! 

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact either Elizabeth Hortua, LCSW 310-694-7724 or Raina Krell, Ph.D. 310-490-9188. 

We would be happy to set up a FREE initial consultation to explain the program and discuss your needs!

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