Zonder Family Law Group recently sat down with Raina Krell, PhD and LPCC, of Westlake Village Therapists to discuss the mental and emotional challenges the spouse who decides to leave the marriage may face.  ZFLG:  A lot of attention is paid to the emotions and mental health of the spouse who is “left.”  But those deciding to […]

Have You Considered Premarital Counseling to Build a Strong and Happy Marriage? By Elizabeth Hortua Couples often wonder if their marriage may be in trouble if they feel the need to speak to a counselor.  However, it is often the opposite.  We, at Westlake Village Therapists, feel that couples who are willing to engage in Pre-Marital […]

Enjoying the Holidays Consider these 5 tips for holiday happiness!! 1- Maintain Reasonable Expectations & Plans Making time to visit with loved ones is a significant part of this season.  However, overdoing with too many plans can seriously undermine the fun factor and ramp up feelings of stress for all.  You do not have to […]